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Marans of America Club's Mission Statement

To encourage the breeding, exhibiting and selling of pure bred Marans and their world famous dark brown eggs.

To promote APA Marans breeding standards of perfection based on the standards set forth by the French Marans Club.   

To create a cooperative environment among the different breeders of Marans from across the United States so as, to encourage a general feeling of unity among the various components of the greater Marans community.  

To provide educational information on the breeding, husbandry and economic value of Marans poultry.

Here you will find friendly and courteous members who are both willing and able to help you answer your questions concerning Marans. Members who will share their own experiences and lessons learned while breeding this most unique breed of poultry. You'll find that some of our members have show birds, some raise birds for egg quality, and some are working together to get that number 9, but within the integrity of the breed. All however, share one thing in common, an abiding love of the French Marans breed .

The Marans Egg
 The hen that lays the darkest egg of any  Poultry breed 



The French Standards
Breeding to the Original  French SCAF Standards

The Marans Bird
Providing the best information and       education on breeding & husbandry  to  Marans breeders.