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The Birchen Marans can be described as conforming in every respect to the Brown-Red except that the copper/red plumage is replaced by silver-white that contrasts with the black plumage background. The color pattern (black and silver) is identical to that of the Brown-Red. The eyes are orange-red, the shanks are gray but never black. The wing is totally black.
Note: to date, the Birchen Marans is not recognized in the French (SCAF) Standard, but it is recognized in Belgium, & Holland.
The approval formalities could be easily be carried out, and in a relatively short time would be accepted into the French Standard. The birds seen today are of a good type, have a good plumage, and a good egg color.
The genome of the cock is ER/ER S/S Ml/Ml Id/Id W/W Pti-1/Pti-1, and that of the hen ER/ER S/- Ml/Ml Id/-d W/W Pti-1/Pti-1.

Cock: white wing bay, any other color than black on the flights, straw- colored hackles, any gold/red feathering.
Hen: white spots on the body.
The Silver-Black Birchen Marans                           David Hancox
This variety of Marans is not the most rarest that exists in the breed as it regularly appears as a result of Brown-Red and Silver-cuckoo crosses. Although rare, this variety is no in any risk of disappearing. We can define the Birchen (Silver-Black) Marans as a Brown-Red that has its copper/red plumage replaced by silver-white to give a Birchen pattern, ER. The silver (S) color factor, which is dominant to the gold (s+) allele, is present in the genotype of the Silver-Cuckoo variety. From this, we can understand the relative frequency of the silver (S) genes in the breed. So in the absence of the cuckoo allele, the Marans breeding stock, which carry (S) silver, give rise to Birchen birds from Brown-Red X Silver Cuckoo. Care must be taken to remove the red enhancers, Mahogany and Autosomal Red; otherwise this could result in a showing of red, especially on the shoulders of the cock. The Birchen Marans leaves nothing to be desired, when compared to the famous Brown-red variety as far as aesthetic qualities are concerned. The plumage color is a very spectacular Silver & Black combination.  Today we find some very correct Birchen stocks that present to a good standard and lay especially nice extra dark reddish-brown eggs.
It is advisable to note that these Birchen breeding birds are very precious, in the absence of good Black fowl, to improve some lines of Silver-cuckoo Marans that have lost the capacity to lay the extra dark reddish-brown eggs.
The Blue variations
The Blue variations are made by adding heterozygous Blue, Bl/bl+ to the above varieties. As described previously, see Blue Silver Cuckoo.
Blue Copper (Blue Brown-Red) pair
The Splash variations
The Splash variations are made by adding homozygous Blue, Bl/Bl to the above varieties. As described previously, see Splash Silver Cuckoo.
A Splash Copper (Splash Brown –Red) pair

A Blue Birchen Cock

USA Birchen Marans Breeders
North River Exotic Birds
Scott & Debbie Thomsen
9249 Dubuque Street
Norwalk, IA 50211
Phone: 515-961-9979
Marans Variety: Black Copper, Wheaten, Birchen and
Golden Salmon
Other Poultry: Sebastopol Geese, Blue India Peafowl,
Exotic Pheasants-brown and blue eared,
Temminck's Tragopans, Swinhoe, Red golden, Amherst
Mike Bercsa
1412 S. White Ave.
Pomona CA. 91766

Marans Variety: Black Copper, Blue Copper, Splash
Other Poultry: Silkies, Showgirls
Gabbard Farms
Michael & Julie Gabbard
West Fork Arkansas 72774
Phone: 479-761-2906
Black Copper, Wheaton, Blue Birchen,
Blue Splash, Blue Copper, Cuckoo and Golden Cuckoo Marans.
Many other breeds of poultry as well.

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