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Black Tail Buff

Description of the fawn Black-Tailed Buff Rooster.

The whole plumage is strong in fawn color towards a reddish brown color.
The head and the hackles are a little lighter with golden color affect as well as the lancets on the saddle,
The lancets can sometimes be a little darker.
Hackles can have a faint black outline on feather edge end.
Shoulder and wing covers are darker which appears to be a strong velvet affect in auburn color.
Wing primaries have black exterior barbs, almost to the end.
Black tail with brown borders sometimes.
Pinkish white shanks with salmon color feathers.
Note: The General appearance of Cock and Hen Marans is posted on the Black Copper Marans Page.

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Marans Variety: Black Copper, Wheaten, Golden Cuckoo,
Black Tail Buff, White
Description of the fawn Black-tailed Buff Hen.
If you are a fan of the ever so popular Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire then these Fawn Black-tail Buff Marans would suit your needs as far as being dual purpose with the dark eggs that Marans produce and then the color or the Rhode Island hens.
Photo Courtesy of Marans Club de France